Now more than ever, ecology is a major topic. This also applies to the stand construction sector. Stands must be unique and draw attention; they must be client-oriented and custom-built for the trade fair in question. The framework of the stand, the base as it were, should be


Meanwhile, a lot of customers who opted for a Creaplan solution, have received the Eco-award or the Eco-label.

One of these customers is BNP Paribas Fortis.
We succeeded in achieving customized stands with a minimal ecological footprint.
A precise selection of sustainable materials and lighting was of the utmost importance.
Creaplan’s focus on a smooth buildup and on responsible processing after dismantling the stand, make them the preferred ecologically responsible partner.

Our projects involve a choice for high-quality, durable materials, such as glass, wood, aluminium, etc. Our stand frameworks are Aluvision construction solutions.

These ecological construction solutions are made of aluminium frames (Basic Vision) filled with plastic, wood, glass, etc.

The frames are re-usable, easy to handle and transport and, above all, highly durable.

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Then there are the Lumi Vision objects: appealing re-usable eye-catchers that are quick to install. These light objects are fully equipped with LED lighting.

All furniture is manufactured in-house in our own woodwork department.

Our painting department, with its separate spray booth, adds to ecologically providing the right look, colour and feeling. Only water-based paints are used.

Use is also increasingly being made of large fabrics that are stretched over the frames (Sub Vision). These constructions can be installed quickly, create a cosy atmosphere and are also re-usable. Clients can often transfer a marketing message of their choice by using this system and printing their marketing or publicity campaign onto canvas. We can print canvases of over 30 m long and 5 m wide without any visible seams.

As regards floor covering, such as carpet, laminate or plastic panels, the recyclability of the products is also thoroughly checked.

General lighting for the Pro Lite Truss structure is provided by low energy lights.

“A traditional stand exists for 50 up to 60 % of refuse, for a modular stand this will only be 10%.”